The Top 3 Content Syndication Platforms to Consider in 2021

Top content syndication platforms for content syndication marketing

As a B2B marketer, you most likely understand the impact that effective content marketing strategies can bring to your business. Of course, it doesn’t come without challenges. For example, after developing your major pillar content pieces, you realize that your inbound leads are plateauing.

Here’s a concrete example. Posting on your company’s blog or your social media accounts is useful and effective. However, it can be challenging because there’s no guarantee that your content will be seen or heard on a wider scale. Sure, SEO is proven to be a long-term strategy for generating continuous traffic and potential leads. But if you integrate your content strategy with content syndication, you’ll experience a much-needed boost in your online presence.

Content Syndication Expands Your Reach

In a nutshell, content syndication pertains to the process of republishing your content on third-party sites. By doing so, you can actually get your content in front of thousands of online users who may not even know your brand or your business!

Even the great James Clear experienced success from content syndication. He had an article on his website that was re-published by Lifehacker. Because of this, he gained more than 600 subscribers solely from Lifehacker without having to put in the time and effort needed to write a brand-new article.

Content syndication is nothing new—and it’s not confined to blogs or articles either. Even your videos and infographics can be syndicated via different platforms. Plus, according to a report cited by Marketing Insider Group, 30% of B2B marketers consider content syndication as their most successful lead generation tactic. So if this is not yet part of your current strategy, it’s time to turn this around right away.

The digital world is a limitless sea of content and information. It doesn’t make sense to keep your valuable content in only one place in this huge world. Help make it easier for your target customers to find you. That is just one of the benefits of content syndication.

What’s the Right Content Syndication Platform for Your Business?

The good thing is, there are a lot of content syndication platforms out there. There are various platforms that can help you syndicate different types of content. Before you know it, you’re already casting your net on a wider audience while creating a steady online reputation and generating consistent traffic and leads.

Here are the top three content syndication platforms that will be crucial for your growth this 2021:


What started out as a forum and a social media platform is now one of the most popular websites in the world. Reddit now has more than 430 million monthly active users and 52 million daily active users. It’s amazing to think how much of the world’s population is on this platform.

It’s organized in “subreddits” which are communities revolving around a certain topic. These topics can be literally anything under the sun—from cat memes, romcoms to sitcoms, cybersecurity, to hardcore programming.

There’s sure to be a subreddit with your target market and they are definitely engaging with one another. Here are some tips on how to maximize Reddit in your content syndication strategy:

  • Post links to your blog articles and not the entire blog. Reddit does not allow marketers to republish entire articles but you can always start a conversation about one.
  • Share your videos on relevant subreddits. Research by Foundation Inc. shows that videos actually get the most upvotes on Reddit compared to other types of content
  • Explore the subreddit r/DataIsBeautiful where you can share relevant and attention-grabbing statistics in your industry


Taboola is what you can call a content discovery engine. It’s a paid content syndication platform that helps marketers distribute their content to high-traffic websites by providing a comprehensive network of publishers. Basically, the content is distributed using an algorithm and you can control which sites you want your content to show up on.

What happens next is that Taboola places your content on sites in a way that appears natural, encouraging the reader to check it out. Because of Taboola, even smaller brands can show up as recommended content on high-traffic sites like CNN or BBC.

As a result, Taboola serves 360 billion recommendations in the form of content pieces to more than one billion online users monthly.


Medium is already pretty well-known both as a content platform and an app that syndicates content and sends personalized recommendations to readers based on interests. There are around 100 million monthly active readers on this platform, with almost half (49.56% to be exact) of traffic coming solely from search. This showcases Medium’s ability to get in front of audiences who are looking for something with intent.

With Medium, you can directly republish your articles as blogs so your business can start building a reputation as a contributor to a certain subject. Writers and businesses can maximize Medium’s space to publish stories for free. Here are other benefits of using Medium as  a content syndication tool:

  • Get immediate engagement data as Medium gives you a look into how many people viewed or engaged with your content
  • Large publishers hang out on Medium, and there’s a chance they might want to syndicate your content
  • You’ll be able to reach targeted audiences without having to write original pieces

One really cool feature is how you can simply import your original content by pasting its URL in Medium’s blogging backend. Medium will automatically format everything and even apply the meta tags so search engines will still be able to point to your website as the original source of the content

Check Out the Top Three Platforms

Content syndication is a strategy you can start implementing for your business right away. These three top platforms are just a handful of the many other platforms that can help your business in different ways. Think outside the box and see how your content can best reach your target market—you’ll see that syndication provides affordable and effective solutions. Increased readership, a more engaged audience, and exposure to a wider market are just some of the benefits of content syndication.

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