Looking to Heat Up Your Sales Pipeline?

It’s no secret lead generation is one of the key challenges all marketers face. 

While the concept of collecting and delivering authentic and qualified sales leads isn’t new, the different ways marketers can increase the number of leads that eventually convert into sales has certainly evolved. 

While the goal remains the same—attract target customers, keep them engaged, and maintain a pipeline of warm, qualified sales leads—in today’s digital world, marketers need to adapt to ensure they remain competitive. Fortunately, there exists a number of new solutions to deliver more permission-based leads for the people you’re trying to reach. 

Find Warmer Leads Through Content Syndication 

If you’ve already invested in creating such killer thought leadership materials as infographics and white papers, it makes sense to promote that content on the websites, blogs and social media channels your top customer prospects visit on a regular basis. Providing articles relevant to the interests and needs of your target audience will result in more opt-ins for your database, as interested, qualified buyers seek to learn more about the product or service you’re promoting. 

You are likely optimizing your bottom-of-funnel paid search campaigns to drive prospects to your website, but that tactic is generally too costly in building the top of your funnel. And trying to diversify on keywords can result in cold leads clogging up an already chilly pipeline. 

Done properly, content syndication is a tactic that will create a pipeline of warm leads for the sales team…quality, intent-driven leads that can become a part of your nurture program. 

Even if you have a wealth of great content and a solid multi-channel approach, reaching the right target buyers at the right time is becoming increasingly difficult. 

Getting Toasty with Predictive Analytics and Buyer Intent 

Content syndication programs are more sophisticated than they were even just a few years ago. 

For example, intent data—which is often used by both marketers and their content syndication partners—adds another level of targeting precision that amplifies the inherent strengths of content syndication. Intent signals can identify customers or accounts that are in an active buying cycle, for instance. It can also spotlight content likely to resonate with those prospective buyers, which in turn demonstrates value, builds trust, and develops loyalty among would-be customers. 

When used correctly, this results in better prospect experiences and increased conversion rates.  

Recent studies help tell the story. Companies with strategic lead nurturing systems report a 20% increase in sales opportunities. And 9 in 10 B2B buyers say online content influences their purchasing decisions

Still, not every B2B company has a tried-and-true lead gen process, which makes it difficult to keep pipelines warm (full of potential engaged buyers). And without proper alignment between marketing and sales staff, organizations can waste a lot of time duplicating efforts, resulting in an even longer (and often less successful) sales cycle. Again, the numbers tell the story: according to MarketSherpa, 79% of marketing-qualified leads never even convert due to lackluster nurturing efforts, and that’s a direct result of poor coordination between marketing and sales. 

So, if you find your pipeline getting chillier by the month, it might be time to find a better lead gen plan…and a content syndication partner.  

Time for a Temperature Check 

Lead generation is a crucial part of your marketing efforts, and it takes a highly coordinated, sophisticated marketing organization to take advantage of next-level lead gen efforts and drive effective nurturing programs from top to bottom. Without an effective lead gen strategy in place throughout your funnel, sales opportunities plummet, sales cycles grow longer, and revenue takes a big hit.   

 To prevent this breakdown altogether, do a temperature check: 

  • Are my marketing efforts attracting enough organic traffic?
  • Is my marketing spend driving overall ROI? 
  • Are my marketing and sales teams properly aligned for optimal lead nurturing? 
  • Is my pipeline full of purchase-intent opportunity? 
  • Do I have a healthy and growing database of purely opt-in leads? 

If you answer “No” to any one of those questions, it’s a good indication your marketing team needs to re-strategize and develop more effective, efficient approaches to lead generation. And a content syndication program may be just what the doctor ordered. 

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