What Is Technographic Data? 5 Ways to Use Technographic Data

Technographics may sound like marketing jargon to you, but every company out there uses technology and lots of it. Knowing the specific technology that a company uses might be the final piece of the puzzle.

So what is technographic data? In a nutshell, it’s information on the hardware and software an existing or potential customer uses. It allows you to segment accounts based on their current technology stack. Which gives you a complete picture of the technologies an account uses to run its business.

DemandScience tracks over 10,000 different technologies such as CRM, Accounting, and Email Marketing software across hundreds and thousands of companies, helping you create competitive displacement campaigns.

One of the key challenges faced by Sales and Marketing teams is attempting to distinguish themselves from an ever-expanding pool of competitors. Utilizing technographic data to discover and qualify prospects could generate the competitive advantage they need.

How Can You Use Technographic Data?

Personalized Customer Experience

With technographic insight into a prospective client’s technology stack, there is greater opportunity to personalize the customer journey. Those who provide an excellent customer experience will win without fail. Personalizing the customer journey should be adopted by both sales and marketing teams. An optimized inbound marketing funnel alongside a personalized customer journey will better nurture leads and convert more trial users into customers.

Knowledge Journey – Educate your leads on the benefits of your product or solution and nudge them into taking action. This is necessary as your leads may not have considered your solution or any of your competitors.

Competitive Displacement Journey – Create a marketing funnel and customer journey focused exclusively on persuading companies to switch from their existing solution to yours.

Complementary Solutions Journey – Create a funnel for customers that are currently using software compatible with your own. For instance, DemandScience integrates with Salesforce, Reply.io, and Hubspot, so we could target those users. Elements of the knowledge journey and the competitive displacement journey are significant within the complementary solutions journey. This is because users may not understand the relevance of your solution or, they could currently be using your competitors’ solutions.

Account-Based Marketing

Account selection is without a doubt the most crucial step in the ABM process. You can use technographic data to select appropriate accounts via:

Complementary Solutions – Use technographic data to see which accounts have technology products that are complementary to your own so you can target them with highly relevant offers.

Lookalikes – Having tech install data on all your accounts allows you to identify accounts that resemble your best customers so you can focus your outreach on appropriate accounts.

360 Degree View – Do your accounts use old or legacy products? Do they invest in SaaS? Technographic data provides the answers, allowing you to select accounts that are ready to upgrade or consider an alternative solution.

Sales Prioritization

Improve the productivity of your sales teams by using technographics to prioritize accounts depending on the quality of the lead. Technographics can help you build a stronger profile of those that are in your target market while providing focus to your sales reps.

Customer Success

Customer success teams can harness technographic data to identify risks ahead of time. This can be done by monitoring whether current customers start testing technology from your competitors. This could give customer success teams greater opportunities to win back customers and meet their customers’ requirements. It can also provide opportunities to increase market share by upselling, cross-selling, renewal, and expansion which is why so many companies already feature technographic data within their sales andmarketing activities.

Customer Profiling

Identify the companies with the highest propensity to buy, and match your ideal customer profile based on their technology stack and the tools they use to solve problems relevant to your value proposition in every market you operate in.

Key Takeaways

As buyers’ expectations continue to rise it’s clear that knowing is half the battle. According to Infosys, 86% of consumers say that personalization has some impact on what they purchase; and one quarter admit that personalization “significantly influences’ their buying decisions.

If you want to engage better accounts with better insights, technographic data can help you close more deals with deeper sales intelligence. Technographic data makes it possible for sales and marketing teams to create personalized campaigns while improving their productivity. It ensures you continue to stand out from the crowd and drive sustainable client conversion.

How DemandScience Provides Technographic Data

DemandScience offers the combined power of firmographic and technographic data mapped against a contact. You can access real-time and up-to-date validated information on over 10,000 popular technologies such as Adobe Photoshop, Salesforce, DocuSign, and thousands and thousands of others. Get in touch today!