Content syndication can benefit your lead generation program by providing a predictable stream of top-funnel interest, and helping you get more value from the content you pay marketing people to create. From expanded brand awareness to higher search position on Google, let’s get into four top benefits of B2B content syndication.  

Expanded brand awareness 

Content syndication is one of the most effective ways to expand brand awareness, and the reason is simple: republishing content outside your own channels gives your brand crucial visibility among broader audiences. And the more people see your content, the more familiar they become with your brand and what it represents.  

With proper targeting, you can still zero in on prospects within your ICP, but also expand to those who may not have yet heard of you and your company’s offerings. 

Bigger audiences 

First, with free content syndication, you can republish your top-performing content to bigger, high-authority websites that typically garner sizeable readerships, like Forbes, Business Insider, or Bloomberg Businessweek, among others. These major publications provide huge brand visibility, which helps increase brand awareness across larger audiences.  

Specific niches 

Second, you can also use free content syndication to republish pieces on niche sites that attract audiences more in line with your own. These smaller sites offer more focused readerships, so they’re great for promoting brand awareness among industry-specific prospects.  

Guaranteed expansion 

Finally, you can partner with a paid content syndication vendor to guarantee expanded brand awareness among persona-specific audiences and opt-in lists.  

Whatever content syndication approach you take, you certainly benefit from the boost in brand awareness.

Enhanced brand credibility 

To stand out from competing brands, you’ve got to build an outstanding reputation. One tool you can use to help your company become a trusted thought leader in your industry is content syndication. To truly stand out, you have to syndicate content that provides significant value to your audience and is actually correct.  

Well-founded advice 

Make sure as you’re heading out to expand awareness of your brand and build a big reputation as a thought leader, you’re also giving the right advice. There’s nothing worse for your credibility goals than to propose outdated solutions, promote inaccurate data, or plain be wrong. To get the credibility benefits of content syndication, you’ll need to vet the validity of your own content (or, as the 90s children used to say ‘check yourself before you wreck yourself).  

Real customer stories 

There’s nothing better than a compelling use case or customer story to lend credibility to your brand reputation. After all, it’s them saying it, not you! It’s great proof that your products or solutions are the right way to go. Try to share at least one customer story for each of your product categories, and if you can, in each of your key industries as well. Real customer case studies are gold in the world of B2B marketing, especially when you can get the legal clearance to name names. Syndicating your big-name case study could be the credibility boost you need to land that next huge client.  

The right partners 

Of course, when you’re setting out to build a solid, reliable reputation, you’ll want to make sure your partnerships and outlets reflect that. Just like your choice of channels, your choice of vendors and outlets needs to be aligned with your ICP. If you’re featuring your content on a website of ill repute, or working with a vendor that is known to have compliance issues, you could be hurting your brand credibility.  

Whether you choose to reuse existing assets, or create something new for content syndication, make sure you’re keeping brand credibility in mind as a key benefit.

Increased traffic 

Content syndication can increase traffic to your website, because when you republish content to outside channels, those sites tell readers where it was originally posted, referencing your site with backlinks. If your prospects find value in your content, they may click the backlink and explore your website. Better yet, in many cases you’ll be able to provide several links to other content and areas of your site within your syndicated content, so that there is a natural progression in the customer experience. Again, the more valuable content you build up, the more opportunities your reader will have to dive deeper into your links. 

Positive impacts for SEO 

Increasing traffic to more URLs on your domain can also have a positive impact on your website’s search engine rankings, thereby attracting more organic traffic. It’s a cycle that can build on itself. Increasing traffic to your site through backlinks, better organic rankings, and just plain brand awareness is an overlooked benefit of content syndication.  

Optimized lead generation  

82% of marketers are using content syndication for lead generation. And for good reason. It’s a powerful source of opt-in leads. Done well, content syndication can help you reach a segmented target of potential buyers that match your ICP, and then serve them the content you’ve created to commiserate their pain point or offer thought leadership on potential solutions. When those interested readers sign up to grab your content, they are opting into a relationship with your brand. And that is the best start possible to a marketing relationship. Your job at that point is to nurture those leads into becoming your next best customers.  

Use content syndication to your benefit 

As a marketer, you likely face immense pressure to deliver high-quality MQLs every single week in addition to supporting brand awareness and probably a whole host of other KPIs. Whatever your main objective, content syndication is a beneficial tactic to add to your content marketing strategy. Explore our other guides to continue your content syndication journey.