Once you’ve reviewed content syndication fundamentals, thought about the benefits to your content marketing strategy, and considered your best approach, you’re ready to start thinking about how to implement your content syndication plan. Your launch plans ultimately depend on the approach you choose to take and will guide you into how you’ll implement. Let’s investigate implementation steps for free and paid content syndication. 

How to launch a free content syndication campaign 

There are four main ways to syndicate content for free, which we touched on earlier: 

  • Share content to highly visible, highly reputed websites with large followings 
  • Republish content to smaller websites with a similar audience share as your own 
  • Create a guest post for another website, then syndicate it on your own channels  
  • Pitch your content to other publishers that offer opportunities for syndication 

There are a handful of options to choose from, but you’ll want to focus on publishers and networks that can best help you attain the goals you set at the start of your content syndication journey. Here’s a helpful chart that breaks down the significant impact of each one: 

Finding the right approach depends on the kind of impact you’re looking to drive, so think back to your original content syndication goal. That will help you determine the best course of action moving forward. 

Finally, you’ll want to make it crystal clear to website visitors that your content is open to syndication. This allows you to cast an even wider net to build brand awareness and showcase thought leadership among relevant audiences. It’s as simple as creating a separate landing page on your site that outlines best practices for republishing your content—namely, how to properly cite it as an original source.  

How to launch a paid content syndication campaign 

Implementing a paid content syndication solution hinges on one important factor: picking the right vendor. Of course, you want to find the most optimal solution to support your content syndication goals, but it can be tough sifting through all the possible options. That’s why we recommend basing your search on six key features and capabilities: 

High-quality data 

Any content syndication solution can offer you data, but it’s accurate, high-quality you want. Search for solutions that offer data enrichment services, ensuring you the most reliable, up-to-date information on buyer contacts.  

Buyer analytics 

Content syndication vendors that leverage customer analytics make it easier for you to gain traction among target prospects and create personalized outreach to generate quality leads. 

Audience engagement 

Look for content syndication vendors with the capability to analyze contact-level intent signals to pinpoint buyers interested in your products or those similar.  

Audience segmentation 

The more granular you can get with your content syndication solution, the better. Look for platforms that can segment audiences based on campaign criteria and your designated ICP. This allows you to customize your content syndication efforts to better address buyers’ needs and preferences. 

Performance and agility 

The goal of content syndication is to generate leads, plain and simple. But it’s important to continuously refine your strategy to improve results with each attempt. Look for a vendor with the ability to evaluate your campaign performance in real time so you can adjust accordingly along the way.  

Success record 

To pick a winning solution, you need to know if it actually works. When researching potential vendors, look for case studies and user reviews to qualify whether a solution is truly worth the investment.  

Implement your best content syndication strategy to deliver nurture-ready leads 

Working with a content syndication vendor you can trust is a big part of implementing the next piece of your content marketing strategy. Your chosen syndication partner can help you to get your campaigns set up with support every step of the way, and the best way you can help them (or us!) to help you is to understand your goals, prepare your content, and zero in on your most detailed buyer persona.  

Explore the other parts of this ultimate guide to content syndication, including the final chapter on how to measure your success.  

Let’s launch your content syndication campaign together.