5 Ways Capitalize on Demand Generation Efforts

2 females reviewing ways to make the most of your demand generation efforts on laptop

After countless conversations with demand generation marketers, it is apparent they are being held to the fire for “better leads” that convert higher and show more signs of being in marker. 3% of buyers are in market at any time, finding them can lead to an even bigger challenge – relying on this method as the bread and butter of finding business is a long and expensive road to travel.

Based on hundreds of conversations, here are some quick hitters that have been seen successful and passed along to our team.

Generating Leadership and Educational Focused Content

We no longer put together a 3-page article talking about how great XYZ product is.  Buyers are overwhelmed with options and want somebody that can help them solve an immediate problem, creating content along this framework goes a long way.  When somebody is seeking out the equivalent of “How to put together a power wheel” losing the instruction manual—the last they want to see are articles talking about how fast the Jeep can go.

Same applies to tech buyers.  We have problems (that we might not even be aware of), and we want to be understood and provide a solution—not pitches with cluttered information.  So instead of a product plug, spend some time thinking about what causes a buyer to start researching similar products to yours. Develop a piece of content about different ways that problem can be solved, in which coincidentally your product happens to be a part of.

Know Your Sales, BDR, and Nurture Strengths to Decide Which Programs Make the Most Sense

If you have a team of BDR’s that isn’t expecting you to hand them ready to book appointments and know it will take upwards of 7+ touches to get any sort of response, then use data assets like; intent data and other combinations of firmographic and behavioral based targeting to get you in the right ball park.

From there, let them execute their prospecting at scale and cost effectively book you meetings.  If you don’t have that BDR team, reach out and see how we can help with our SDRaaS offering!  Same if you have a great converting nurture track built out.  Find the highest quality that combines persona based targeting and intent data so you can cost effectively funnel those buyers. Finding buyers with highest propensity in the early stages gives you the opportunity to sort out prospects pain points and provide solution.

Many Have Said it, and to Reiterate—Stop Looking for BANT Leads as a Silver Bullet

Outside vendors will be sending you prospects already on your radar, and if they are not, they most likely want to take a meeting just so they can price shop you for a better deal against their current company or competitors. Then when your BDR calls up and says “you recently answered questions from a vendor and it seems like you may be in the market for a new XYZ solution in the next 3 months, can we schedule a demo next week?—NOPE!”

There are many other ways to find better and more in market buyers than by executing a standard BANT style program. I have yet to work with a client that has used this as their main demand generation weapon with any long-term success.

Make it Fun

Make it fun.  Even though its B2B and you will see 100 posts of “this is not Facebook” on LinkedIn, at the end of the day you still need PEOPLE to engage with you. That happens much easier when you can break down barriers and connect on a somewhat personal and authentic level. 

Nobody wants to “create synergies”, but you can bet they 100% want to walk into that meeting with their boss and tell them how they finally figured out this issue that has been talked about in meetings for weeks. Don’t be afraid to put down the B2B dictionary of extremely inauthentic phrases and jargon and personalize your outreach and content to resonate with your audience.

Don’t be Overwhelmed by Personalization and ABM Strategies

Content doesn’t need to be created from scratch for each different campaign you are writing. Some of the best work my clients have done is repurposing existing content to lighten the load and make it easier to run a targeted account campaign.  The key to success is developing a consistent message that is executed by both sales and marketing teams across a multi channel approach.

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