Content Syndication

Get leads that convert with content syndication.

Content Syndication delivers high-quality opt-in leads for your campaigns.

Campaigns that fill the entire funnel.


Accurate ICP

Reach your target audience with four layers of intent data.


Guaranteed CPL

Know your cost per lead ahead of time so you can maximize your budget.


Increased ROI

Get up to 12x ROI compared to the competition.

Fill the funnel with your ideal buyers.

Content Syndication turns your best content into your best leads ever. 

Define your ICP

Give us a few details, and we’ll ensure laser focus on only your most promising prospects.

We layer your customer profile with multiple types of intent data to get a more complete picture of who to target. Tap into your specific market with us!

DemandScience has built a global audience of in-market B2B technology buyers with enriched firmographic, demographic, and technographic data.

Design your campaign

You confirm the number of leads, budget, and other essential criteria. We’ll get it all set up.

Once we know your ideal audience and campaign parameters like budget, lead generation goals and duration, we’ll get you set up for success. Campaign design includes all the behind the scenes set up, like building your content landing page, creating the emails and telephone scripts we’ll need to promote your offering, and setting up your parameters in our Content Syndication system.

This is where you’ll start to become best friends with your Customer Experience Manager!

Distribute your content

You provide your best content. We’ll make sure it gets to the right people on the right channels.

Provide us with your best content, and we’ll create a landing page on one of our owned media brands. Then, we use email and telephone outreach to our research-backed contact database to promote your offer as if it is coming from that neutral, informative website.

As the only multi-channel content syndication vendor out there, we ensure your offer gets in front of the right people on the right channels at the right time.

Let’s do this!

Get your leads

We deliver opt-in leads ready for your nurture programs. You give yourself a big high five.

Once your campaign has run, and your next best customers have opted-in to receive your content, your Customer Experience Manager will share high quality data on all your new leads. With Content Syndication, you get contact details vetted with our industry leading taxonomy, which means a higher percentage of quality titles.

As you know, better quality top-of-funnel leads are more likely to convert downfunnel. In fact, our Content Syndication customers show an average MQL to SQL conversion rate of over 77%.

This is the best part!

We’ve got your back every step of the way.

Your dedicated Customer Experience Manager keeps open lines of communication for every campaign. That’s way more support than you’ll get from other high-intent lead vendors.

Content Syndication FAQ

Content syndication refers to the strategic republishing of content to expose it to a much larger audience in order to educate, engage, and qualify new leads. In a practical sense, that means your chosen piece of content, let’s say an ebook, is shared with the segment of our audience that matches your criteria. If viewers of that site, or members of that list are interested, they visit a landing page, fill out a form, and receive your content offer. You then receive a list of leads that you can nurture.

With content syndication, you can use existing content to attract in-market buyers in your chosen ICP. This helps you stretch the ROI of your content marketing efforts, and attract new leads at the top of the funnel.  

All of our syndication campaigns are built on the foundation of our intent engine, and powered by the Live Data Factory. This not only gives you access to the most accurate contact records, but helps us use intent data to serve your campaigns to the highest-quality leads possible.

Using our intent engine, we can identify companies and buyers already showing interest across various topics. This enables us to serve the right content, to the right buyers, at the right time, helping to generate the highest quality leads possible.

Content Syndication is one of the most effective ways to grow your opted-in database. Its specialty is feeding the top of the funnel with high-quality leads ready for further nurture. We guarantee your CPL and number of leads upfront, and have a lead replacement policy if they fail to meet your ICP.

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Capture qualified leads that keep on coming.

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