Scalable Content Syndication for A Digital-first Market Penetration Initiative

“DemandScience helped us accelerate and grow by engaging with new buyers and integrating seamlessly with our Salesforce platform.”

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PureSyndication with Intent delivers significant pipeline growth


PROLIFIQ is a leading sales enablement company, pioneering native Salesforce account-based selling for key account management and digital content management that empowers sales teams to boost performance and become trusted customer advisors.  

Edward Vesely is the Chief Marketing Officer at PROLIFIQ. As CMO, he is responsible for growth marketing initiatives, including demand generation, brand development, and alliances. Since joining the company in 2018, he focused on developing a scalable marketing technology stack and doubling the size of PROLIFIQ’S customer base. With nearly 30 years of experience, he has an authentic passion for building companies and achieving successful outcomes in highly competitive markets including Vision Solutions (acquired by Syncsort), SilkRoad (tripled revenue), Click Commerce (IPO) and Platinum Technology (acquired by CA). 


The Initiative

As PROLIFIQ’s goal was to double the size of their customer base, the company needed to work with a demand generation partner who could easily integrate with a digital-first marketing model and provide scalable penetration into their target markets. Finding a provider who could function as a natural extension of their marketing strategy was key to establishing and maintaining a successful partnership. 

The Selection

PROLIFIQ did their due diligence before selecting DemandScience as their partner. Outreach to trusted industry contacts in addition to an agency recommendation and online reviews provided PROLIFIQ with encouraging feedback that ultimately led to discussions with DemandScience. DemandScience’s in-depth understanding of PROLIFIQ’s solutions, position in the market, and target personas, combined with a robust onboarding process and a dedicated Customer Experience team made them the right partner for PROLIFIQ. Through the selection process, it became clear that PureSyndication was an ideal fit for their needs with the solution’s ability to home in on desired target personas, accompanied with invaluable intent data layering, while maintaining global scalability to meet PROLIFIQ’s demand generation needs. 

“DemandScience is a trusted digital marketing partner for our high-tech SaaS company. They help us accelerate and grow by engaging with new buyers and integrating seamlessly with our Salesforce platform. The ROI has been significant.” 

Ed Vesely

The Solution

DemandScience developed a program to meet PROLIFIQ’s target CPL. Working with a traditional demand funnel to fulfill higher growth needs, PROLIFIQ expected 25 percent of the PureSyndication leads to become MQLs and a subsequent 25 percent to become SQLs. Looking closely at the PROLIFIQ buyer‘s journey, the DemandScience Customer Experience team 

identified the importance of engaging their target personas at the top of the marketing funnel.  

The PureSyndication with Intent program successfully brought fresh leads into the marketing funnel, building high-value relationships at the early stages of the buyer’s journey. The solution was a natural extension to PROLIFIQ’s content-driven technology model by syndicating relevant assets and delivering quality leads with intent data into its CRM, creating an advantage for their internal sales outreach follow-up processes.


The Results

PureSyndication with Intent delivered quality leads to the top of the funnel, resulting in significant pipeline growth over time.