As a B2B marketer, finding a healthy balance of effectiveness and efficiency is a relentless task. You want to deliver the best work possible to support your overall business goals, all while staying on time and on budget. However, achieving that balance can be tough without a strategic plan in place to chart the course. Enter: content syndication.

In this webinar, join Stacy McMaster, VP, Global Customer Experience, and Abbi Tanton, Content Marketing Manager, as they breakdown the ultra-efficient benefits of content syndication—namely its ability to boost lead generation, brand awareness, and SEO performance all in one fell swoop.

Key takeaways include:

  • How content syndication works to support various marketing objectives
  • Best practices to execute an efficient, effective content syndication program
  • Expert guidance on how to scale content syndication ROI

Download our handout (no form fill required), “Supercharge Your Strategy with Content Syndication” to get a closer look at how content syndication can positively impact your lead generation, brand awareness and SEO. We’ve also included a few exercises to help get you started.