Webinar Recap: Supercharge Your Strategy with Content Syndication

Are you a B2B marketer feeling constant pressure to deliver your best work both on-time and within (an ever more restrictive) budget? We get it! That’s why it’s so important to have strategies in place that balance effectiveness and efficiency, and content syndication is one such strategy.  

In our “Supercharge Your Strategy with Content Syndication” webinar we show you how to use content syndication to boost the effectiveness of three core marketing goals: lead generation, brand awareness, and SEO performance.  

Here’s a preview of the discussion between our hosts Stacy McMaster, VP Global Customer Experience, and Abbi Tanton, Content Marketing Manager. 

Why you need a paid content syndication vendor 

To kick things off, Stacy explains the benefits of working with a dedicated content syndication vendor, which is often the fastest and most effective way to begin generating leads from content syndication

Pinpointing your ICP  

Defining your ICP (Ideal Customer Profile) should be the first step in your content syndication strategy, enabling vendors to target the audiences who are most likely to be interested in your products or services. Our tip? Don’t focus on decision makers alone, consider all the parties involved in the decision-making process.  

Choosing the right content 

Once your ICP is set, next it’s time to identify the content you’re going to syndicate. Remember: it’s fine — and even preferable — to use content that you already have. This helps squeeze more ROI out of existing high-performing assets, ticking the boxes for both effectiveness and efficiency. 

Don’t make this common lead nurture mistake 

Once you begin receiving leads from your content syndication campaigns, your follow-up strategy can make or break your campaign success. Take a “lead with the need” approach to avoid one of the biggest mistakes we see our customers make when following up with content syndication leads.

Is SEO your top priority? Try this. 

Although working with a paid syndication vendor is your best bet to drive leads, if SEO is high on your agenda, a DIY approach to content syndication can be useful.  

Watch the full webinar  

Ready to start smashing your goals with content syndication? Watch the full webinar on-demand today.