Upgrading Your Content Syndication Approach

Upgrading You Content Syndication Approach with your speaker Lawre Marrow, Senior Marketing Manager

Are you a B2B marketer who’s heard of content syndication, but isn’t sure how it can benefit your team? Or perhaps you’re running content syndication campaigns but not seeing the results you were hoping for? If any of this sounds familiar, we’ve got just the thing for you. 

Our Senior Marketing Manager, Lawre Morrow, recently presented at MarTech’s Spring Conference, letting marketers know how to upgrade their content syndication strategy. She shared expert insights such as: 

  • The benefits of free vs. paid content syndication  
  • How to strengthen content syndication ROI using paid solutions  
  • Before-and-after results of paid content syndication  

Catch up on the session today and start generating leads from top-performing content you already have, scaling your ROI in the process.  

Short on time? Watch the four short teasers below to discover:

  • How to choose a paid content syndication partner  
  • Three benefits of working with a paid syndication partner 
  • ROI you can expect from content syndication 
  • An example of real results from a DemandScience PureSyndication client 

Alternatively, you can dive right in and check out the full webinar on-demand here

Choosing Your Content Syndication Partner 

With so many B2B syndication partners to choose from, all offering slightly different things, how do you know which is the right one for you? Find out which boxes your content syndication vendors should check to help narrow down your search and find the partner who can help you meet your goals—fast. 

Three Benefits of Working with a Paid Syndication Partner 

It’s possible to syndicate your own content for free on channels such as Reddit, Medium, and on social media. But this takes considerable time and effort, plus results aren’t guaranteed. A paid syndication vendor can level-up your content syndication approach to maximize your return. 

What ROI Can You Expect from Paid Content Syndication? 

Working with a paid syndication vendor does wonders for ROI, and driving high-quality, opt-in leads is just the start.  

Content Syndication Real Results: Quit Genius Case Study 

Don’t just take it from us—find out how content syndication helped our client, Quit Genius, to drastically reduce their cost-per-lead and generate millions of dollars of pipeline.  

Upgrade your content syndication strategy 

Ready to supercharge your own content syndication efforts? Watch the full webinar on-demand to discover Lawre’s informative 25-minute session full of invaluable tips to help you navigate your content syndication journey.