Weighing the Benefits of Outbound Marketing

Weighing the benefits of outbound marketing

Growing your business in a climate of stiff competition is possible with the right approach. In keeping with the old saying not to put all your eggs in one basket, using content syndication campaigns is a proven strategy to grow your lead pipeline.

Content syndication is gaining ground because it is a hybrid approach to sales prospecting and content marketing, bringing more consistent traffic. Syndicating content is when you distribute your content to third-party entities so it can be re-published through their platform, allowing you to reach your target audience dynamically. This is often confused with content marketing, a strategic marketing approach focused on distributing content across various forms. It essentially boils down to content distribution versus content promotion.

The syndication effect is not new, it has been a successful content marketing strategy even before the world went digital; it is ideal for small to medium enterprises because their content is exposed to a wider audience while costing very little in terms of resource investment. It is credited for improving SEO rankings and increasing brand awareness while generating more traffic.

Content Syndication Is Outbound Marketing

An effective content syndication strategy is founded on collaboration; for it to work, you need to syndicate others’ content as well; your brand will syndicate its original content to others while you also publish others’ syndicated content.

Regardless of your brand’s size, you can benefit from syndicated content because it gives your platforms fresh content and new perspectives without much effort from your end. At the same time, your original pieces are introduced to a new audience through your collaborator’s platform. You will also benefit from being promoted as an expert in your industry, receiving high-quality backlinks, and extending the shelf-life of your content.

Here is how you go about syndicating your content:

  1. Develop high-quality content
  2. Begin guest posting to energize your authority in your industry
  3. Choose your best-performing content to re-publish
  4. Maximize Google and find ideal syndication opportunities
  5. Select a syndication partner that has an audience with the same profile as your target population and level of authority
  6. Pitch your chosen piece to the target website and negotiate, if applicable

There are paid syndication websites where you pay to publish your content. You may opt to pay for syndication or self-syndicate where you republish to other websites on your own.

Picking your syndicators is arguably the most crucial part of the process. Some critical questions you need to consider include:

  • Method of content distribution and results validation
  • Target audience and targeting options
  • Lead volume
  • In-house or outsourced content fulfillment

It would be ideal to select multiple content syndication partners and identify which platform works best for you. Some of the most popular syndication networks include Quora, Medium, SlideShare, LinkedIn, Mix, Reddit, YouTube, and Outbrain.

Benefits of Content Syndication

Anyone can get into content syndication as long as they create the right partnership and develop premium content. It is an effective marketing strategy that extends your reach, influence, and market share because:

1. Lead Generation

A larger audience can translate to a growth in qualified leads. By republishing your content, you can tap a new segment of your target market and expand your potential client base. Generating impeccable traffic that does not convert is pointless and bad for your overall business performance. Parallel to content syndication, focus on outbound methods to support your efforts, such as cold emails and telemarketing that allow you to zero in on high-quality leads.

2. SEO Boost

With new author bylines, creating unique backlinks, and being visible on larger websites, you can drastically improve your SEO rankings, gaining more exposure.

3. Brand Reputation

Elevate your authority by being visible on well-established sites and promoting yourself as a leader in your industry. Standing out can be a challenge and any way to improve your brand credibility and audience awareness is always a win.

In order to maximize the benefits offered by your content syndication strategy, below are some critical flags to remember to minimize unfavorable results:

1. Disreputable Websites

One of the most important considerations when diving into content syndication is the selection of the right partner. Be aware that several sites are operating that do not have a strong syndication program. They may republish your content with edits as their own without backlinking to your website, making the entire process ineffective for you.

2. Email Collection

One of the best ways to expand your audience is by collecting email addresses so you can follow up with other sales approaches. As much as possible, select a third-party website that allows email opt-in widgets so you can further build your email list.

A Case Study of Successful Outbound Marketing

One of the more successful content syndication cases was that of BestSelf Co., which developed a revolutionary journal that enables users to plan for success. The positive reviews rolled in, resulting in a massive marketing campaign that centered on content syndication of high-quality productivity articles through major publications.

The brand maximized content syndication to market themselves to audiences they would not have normally been able to reach through their own channels. Identifying the websites that their target market frequented, they partnered with big websites and were rewarded with nearly 200,000 new visitors to their website monthly.

Content syndication drives results, but it requires careful thought and care on your part. A content syndication strategy is dependent on the quality of content and the chosen syndication platform. It remains an essential part of content marketing and something you should not overlook.