What Is SDR as a Service?

Learn the benefits that outsourcing SDRs can bring to your business.

Lead generation is one of the best ways to grow your business. By attracting highly targeted prospects into your sales funnel, you can quickly convert them into clients.

But developing a lead generation strategy and launching a campaign using the best tech available is rarely an easy task.

A lead generation campaign involves many moving parts, one of which is hiring outbound sales representatives who will help organize leads in your sales funnel.

To help you find the right people to fill in this role, you should consider SDR as a Service (SDRaaS) for your business.

SDR as a Service: A Primer

SDR stands for Sales Development Representative.

SDRs are responsible for identifying the priority of leads within your sales funnel. To do this, they must have awareness of your buyer persona, which they will then use to qualify which leads best fit your requirements. From here, they will hand off the most qualified leads to your sales team, who will work on converting them into clients.

Despite the value that SDRs bring to the table, not all businesses have an SDR team to support their lead generation efforts. One of the biggest reasons is cost. According to ZipRecruiter, an SDR has a national average salary of $49,537/year (or $24/hour). And if you need multiple SDRs to fill out your team, costs can quickly spiral.

This is where SDR as a Service comes into play. 

So, what is SDR as a Service?  SDRaaS provides businesses with an outsourced lead generation team that produces the same results as an in-house team, but at lower prices.

•	Outsourcing SDRs can be an affordable alternative for companies looking to staff a sales team while avoiding the high costs and overhead associated with hiring in-house.

Benefits of SDR as a Service

SDRaaS allows you to maximize your resources and improve your lead generation process.

But SDRaaS offers more than just reduced costs. Below are some of the other reasons you should consider outsourcing lead generation via SDR as a Service:

It Takes the Weight off the Hiring and Training Process

If you’re still building your business from the ground up, you want people in your organization who can make an impact from the very beginning.

Therefore, it’s unlikely that you’ll be able to afford to hire people with no formal training to become SDRs. If you do, you’ll need to invest significant time training them up, which takes precious time away from you attending to more pressing matters within your business.

Plus, their learning doesn’t stop beyond the initial training—you’ll still have to allow time for new SDRs to grow into their roles before they begin effectively qualifying leads in your sales funnel.

By delegating lead development tasks to SDRaaS, you’ll no longer need to worry about the issues above. Instead, the SDR outsourcing company will take care of choosing experienced SDRs who are familiar with your industry and thus will qualify the right leads for your sales team.

It Helps You Reach Your Lead Generation Goals Faster

The beauty of SDR as a Service is that the sales representatives employed by outsourcing companies already have years of experience qualifying leads in your industry.

You can expect these seasoned SDRs to attract the right leads for your business right out of the gate.

Outsourcing your SDRs removes the need for any special training or onboarding as they should already know the best practices for finding and qualifying leads for your organization. Furthermore, SDRaaS providers will already have the right systems and tools in place to get your campaign started in a matter of days.

They also have the benefit of being able to reach out to existing contacts from previous projects, which can help to accelerate booking meetings with your sales team.

By passing lead generation over to the SDRs, you can focus your efforts on closing deals and efficiently scaling your business.

•	With SDRaaS, you’ll have access to an entire team of sales reps…or simply as many as you need.

It Focuses on Results

Outsourced SDRs work remotely. They don’t need to go to your office to complete their tasks—unless you require them to, of course.

This enables you to focus purely on the quality of work they produce for your business. In addition, there’s no need to manage the various personalities and egos of SDRs in the office, which can sometimes cause workplace conflict and is an additional drain on resources.

As long as your expectations for high quality leads are clear, outsourced SDRs will be sure to get the job done.

Best Practice When Outsourcing SDR as a Service

There are many reasons to invest in SDRaaS to whip your lead generation strategy into shape. But first you also need to know how to determine which SDR outsourcing companies can meet your demands.

These tips should help find the right SDRaaS provider for you:

  • Review the overall quality their SDRs provide. Ask if the company specializes in your industryand find outthe years of experience its SDRs have.Feel free to ask more granular questions too, such as the average number of meetings booked by an SDR. Acompany that’s comfortable answering and elaborating upon these questions is likely to have genuine expertise.
  • Check their pricing plans. Look at the different tiers of service the company offers and see which tier your business falls under. Then comparethe pricing and features included in the tier with other companies.
  • Find out the tactics they use to secure meetings. The SDRs’ techniques used to engage new prospects and re-engage old ones are highly indicative of how a company operates. Make sure that their values and methods align with your objectives as a business.

Upgrade Your Lead Generation

There’s no reason for your business not to outsource SDRs. Even if your business thrives on its own, integrating SDR as a Service as part of your lead generation strategy can make your business even more profitable.

By taking advantage of the benefits that SDRaaS offers, your organization can quickly acquire highly targeted leads that are ready to become your clients.

DemandScience can provide teams of expert SDRs with years of experience in various B2B industries to help drive business for your organization. Contact DemandScience today to get started.