Why Your Email Marketing Strategy Isn’t Working

male sitting at table in front of laptop frustrated

Email, when done correctly, is one of the most effective ways for today’s marketers to generate leads. There are a number of reasons why email campaigns fail, ranging from bad content to poor deliverability practices. Come along for the ride as we break down the top four reasons here:

1. You Have Dirty or Insufficient Data

Email address information erodes quickly. Employees change and leave jobs, and companies restructure. If you don’t clean and update your data, your database could be full of dead emails within just three short years. Take hard bounces and unsubscribes off your list immediately. Cleaning and updating your data will help improve your response rates and deliverability, ultimately getting your email content in front of prospective leads. Importing new email addresses into your ESP is a crucial part of maintaining a healthy database. Be conscious of where your data is coming from, and be sure to onboard your new names slowly yet consistently to avoid sudden drops in deliverability.

2. You’re Getting Caught in the Spam Filter

Email spam filters are highly sophisticated, and there are a lot of ways to end up in the spam folder. Don’t use spammy words like ‘free’ or ‘last chance’. Always link to external content, never use attachments. Follow CANSPAM to a T, and be sure your images aren’t dominating the email message.

3. You Have No Value Proposition

A one-click customer is a rarity, most relationships are built with your email audience over time and through multiple messages. That being said, if your initial email provides no value to your customer, or reason for them to opt-in and subscribe to further messages, you will lose them for good. Marketers must do an excellent job of convincing their audience that they will deliver something their customers want or need.

4. Your Content is Boring

With so much content sent over email today, marketers need to try doubly as hard to stand out among the clutter of the inbox. If your email or subject line copy is dull, too technical, provides no call to action, or sounds too much like a sales pitch, your message will be banished to the trash within seconds. Keep subject lines interesting and write creative copy that points to a common problem experienced by your audience and how to fix it.

If the only thing holding you back is a burnt-out leads list, contact us today! We can help you find your ideal customers.