Predictive Intent & Full-funnel Demand Generation

Demand generation with predictive analytics, powered by real-time buyer activity and multi-channel intent to drive full-funnel sales and marketing leads.

Predictive B2B Demand Generation

Marketing Smarter with Demand Generation That Converts

PureB2B provides technology companies with full-funnel demand generation solutions, using predictive analytics to find in-market buyers, drive marketing ROI and, best of all, increase sales revenue.

By leveraging technology-driven and data-centric tactics, PureB2B leverages an exclusive database of millions of technology buyers to provide our customers with effective solutions at every step of the sales and marketing process.

Demand Generation with PureB2B

Power effective and efficient demand generation with predictive intent

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Drive buyer engagement with custom strategic content


Increase brand interaction and scale sales and marketing activity

Full-funnel Sales & Marketing Leads


Your B2B Customer Acquisition Specialists

Internal Results helps companies amplify their pipeline and generate quality leads through dedicated, multi-channel, content syndication campaigns, comprehensive data available across 108+ countries, and individualized targeting thanks to unmatched buyer intent data.

We drive full-funnel leads and engagement, enabling and enhancing the global sales pipeline with a data-driven marketing solution.

Content Delivery

Multi-channel content syndication campaigns engage decision makers

Reach more B2B decision makers with accurate and actionable contact data

Take advantage of digital signals based on unique buyer intent