5 Common B2B Lead Generation Myths Debunked

2 females in the office, one whispering in each of the other who is holding a laptop

Lead generation has always been an important part of the sales process, but with competition on the rise and a new technology making waves on social media every week, B2B lead generation has never been more important. Fortunately, along with the swell of competition, a whole host of digital marketing tools have arrived as well. This has made generating leads both more complex and if done correctly, more effective. However, myths still continue to plague the whole lead generation process—confusing even the smartest marketers.

In order to implement a proper lead management system throughout your process, these myths need to go. Here are 5 of the most common myths associated with lead generation:

Myth #1: Any Inquiry is a Lead

Fact: You might have attracted them to your landing page with promises of a nifty, e-book or a best practices mailing list subscription, but the cold hard truth is that not every inquiry you get is really a lead.

Having your sales team follow up with every inquiry can seriously slow down your sales process. Learn to identify and pursue only quality leads, and you’ll be able to bring more efficiency to your sales conversions in no time. (Not to mention help keep your SDRs sane).

 Myth #2: My Buyer Persona is Set in Stone

Fact: Identifying characteristics of your buyers can be helpful in generating quality leads, but that doesn’t mean they should be permanent. Revisit your personas every so often to find out if there have been any changes to your target audience’s patterns or behaviors.

Stay loose and adapt if you do find any changes. You don’t want to miss out on an opportunity you could have brought home because you didn’t see a lead when it was in front of your face.

Myth #3: Social Media Doesn’t Generate Quality Leads

Fact: Non-believers may think social media is just a passing trend when it comes to quality lead generation, but statistics prove otherwise. A report by BtoB Magazine has concluded that social media marketing has helped in 49% of lead generation and 54% of marketing goals for businesses.

These days, most of the prominent social media networks offer tools that can help you track and nurture quality leads. Use them well and don’t be surprised if quality leads start coming in.

Myth #4: Qualifying Leads Shouldn’t Be Pursued

Fact: Qualifying leads should be pursued just as you would go after a hot lead. Just because they haven’t shown a readiness to purchase doesn’t mean you should leave them to their own devices.

Nurture these leads like seeds through a hard winter and guide them further down your sales funnel. Every so often, you can check in with them and give them a qualification call or email to determine their specific needs and buying motives. Remember that you want your leads to convert into prospects and sales. When it comes to B2B lead generation, quality always triumphs over quantity. A single quality prospect is always better than a hundred irrelevant ones.

Myth #5: My Content Should Only Focus on Product and Company Information

Fact: Create content that matters. True, you’re about selling a service or product and sometimes touting your own horn is completely appropriate, but do so carefully. A great way to sustain the interest of your prospects is to implement a good content marketing strategy to keep them engaged. Create content that your audience can relate to, something that addresses their issues and helps them make a purchase decision. Being funny or topical doesn’t hurt either. Just keep it on brand (choose a voice and stick to it) and classy and remember, have fun!

We’ve all fallen for these myths at one point or another. But, never fear, all is not lost. Now that you know the truth behind these myths, you can focus your efforts on what really matters and focus in on honing your lead generation best practices.