Account-Based Marketing

Ad Display Best Practices—Where You Should Spend

You’ve done the work. Put together an amazing ad campaign that’s going to really drive home the value of your products while speaking to pain points your ideal customer faces. Now the quest begins—where do you host it? There are a ton of digital ad display options out there, but how do you do know which one fits what you’re looking for? Furthermore, how will you know if it’ll be worth the spend?

What Are Your Display Options?

At a first glance, you may think that the ad display space is crowded- you’re right, it definitely is. On one end, that’s a good thing for the consumer who is researching options. However, the downside is that verbiage, value, and pricing all get muddled, leaving things feeling same-y. If we were to break it down into digestible bits, there are really three main options: social, search, and native. Figuring out which ones work for you is ultimately up to the goals and spend you have for your campaigns.

  • Social is probably the most commonly used, and you’re more than likely using it right now. By setting a daily amount of spend, and going after certain targeted demographics, that social media site will give you an estimated number of impressions. Your success will be measured mostly by how well your demographics match that social service.
  • Search ads are mainly tied to Google and Bing nowadays. You’ll find that these can be somewhat frustrating to manage as the cost-per click can fluctuate so much. You’re set at a certain amount and you’ll often times be competing at a granular level for ad space. Search ads will require you to be creative with how you approach them. Think of how you can maximize your spend by leveraging what people are currently searching.
  • Native display is probably the most straightforward of all of them. You’ll find a network of sites and publications that match your ideal buyers, and drive traffic to a specific landing page from that site. Native display is embedded into the article or webpage and will be tied to specific a key phrase or word. You then manage the click through rate to see how many people are engaging with your landing page and taking the call to action.

Lead Quality from Ads

A reasonable next question to ask yourself is “how will this affect the leads I generate”? Think about it this way—the prospect clicked on an ad because of the subject. Ad conversions almost always come from an impulse. Does that mean that they’re bad leads? Probably not, but you won’t see the same high SQL conversion rates as you would with a targeted nurture campaign.

That’s where ABM comes into play. Tying your ad campaigns to a targeted ABM approach not only increases your lead quality, but increases the sales-velocity; showing more ROI at a faster rate. By focusing on a targeted 1-50 accounts, and creating ads that speak to a personalized challenge, you build your value as a brand. The name of the game here is value selling. Creating ads that speak to a specific pain point or trend, rather than focused on converting SQLs, will inherently convert faster. Reverse-psychology magic!

If you’re looking at taking the next step with display, and want really start increasing your SQL conversions, check out our better ABM targeting. By leveraging our personal identification database, we help you create real leads that match your ABM needs. We’ll even help you build out a target account list!

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