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DemandScience Leverages Expertise to Launch PureContent

DemandScience provides B2B technology companies with unparalleled lead generation solutions enriched with comprehensive intent data-layering.

DemandScience, an innovator in the B2B lead generation space, has announced the addition of a key lead generation solution to complement its product portfolio.

PureContent offers B2B technology marketers a one-stop solution for the ideation and creation of powerful lead generation content available in a wide array of formats.

Working across their global network of more than 62 million technology buyers, DemandScience research teams utilize custom surveys to dive deep into the challenges and needs of the decision makers within target personas. Content strategists, led by Director of Content Denise Dubie who has a long history as a journalist, content strategist, and storyteller in the IT industry, then create every asset with a customer-centric narrative while tapping industry-specific knowledge and using a journalistic approach to content ideation and creation.

This unique combination provides DemandScience clients with tools to better speak to existing and potential customers through engaging, compelling content.

“Through our work with thousands of B2B technology marketing departments, it has become obvious that quality lead generation content is a priority for their bottom line,” said Chris Rack, CRO of DemandScience.  “We are excited to now have a solution that marketing departments can rely on for the production of content that converts.“

Additionally, DemandScience has launched the PureContent Sponsorship Library; a collection of B2B technology industry specific content topics. This collection of content, highly relevant to B2B technology buyers, is coalesced from the research findings of DemandScience’s extensive research survey engine.

DemandScience is a data-driven, lead generation partner created by industry pioneers who have set the standards for quality lead generation programs over the past three decades. DemandScience’s innovative lead generation solutions powered by its global audience of more than 62 million technology buyers enable B2B technology companies to meet their revenue goals and increase sales and marketing ROI.