Automated Content Solutions

Automated Newsletter Creation & Engagement


Email Newsletters Made Easy

Tidings enables professionals and organizations to enhance newsletter communications by automating content already in social profiles, augmented with industry-relevant stories and delivered seamlessly into subscribers’ inboxes. Tidings makes staying in touch with clients easy, efficient, and personalized.

Tidings reduces the average time to create and send compelling email newsletters to customers and prospects from hours to less than 10 minutes through its no-code tools and simple to use templates

AI-Powered Media Profiling

Trusted Out by DS Transparant

Trusted B2B Content

TrustedOut is the answer to the continuing problem sales and marketing pros face with dated and inaccurate content insights.

We deliver tools to help filter out non-relevant, inaccurate information, resulting in higher confidence in B2B company data and content trends with AI-driven media-sourced and validated company profiles, plus reliable, consistent, and ultra-targeted content solutions.