A Charitable Approach to Client Appreciation

shaking hands

Wrapping up a great year working with even better clients, we’re so appreciative of the relationships we continue to establish, develop, and nurture. Instead of sending you a materialistic representation of our gratitude or another branded item you may not use, PureB2B is in its second year of donating funds to a charitable organization of the sales team’s choice. The revenue leader who chose the charity would like to remain anonymous, but below is their “why” for selecting this organization:

“We all live in our respective bubbles and as the media reports on a wide array of fluff or redundant stories that aren’t actually impacting people’s lives or well-being. Human Rights Watch investigates human rights abuses to pressure those in power to act. Every person on this planet deserves respect, safety, and dignity and the vast majority have no voice – this organization does all they can to ensure they have a voice and their stories are shared in an effort to spur meaningful change.”

Our revenue leader also did their due diligence into finding a charity that utilizes as much of the actual donation amount towards the cause as possible. When giving to a charity, it is so important to do thorough research on the reputation and legitimacy of the organization you’re considering. Donate wisely by looking up a charity’s report and ratings using sites such as the Better Business Bureau’s give.org, guidestar.org, charitywatch.org, or charitynavigator.org.

Thank you to our clients and friends for a successful season of demand generation! Happy holidays from the PureB2B team. Here are a few shots from our holiday party held in our new Danvers office. Please come visit us in 2020! Learn more about Human Rights Watch at hrw.org.