Adding Artificial Intelligence to Impact B2B Sales

Add a Personal Touch to B2B Sales with Artificial Intelligence

Add a Personal Touch to B2B Sales with Artificial Intelligence

Who doesn’t love a little personal attention? It makes us feel special, like we actually matter. And it certainly influences the way we make purchasing decisions for the home and office. Take it from Forrester, whose research found 77% of consumers have either chosen, recommended, or paid more for a brand that’s offered a personalized customer experience.

Personalization is equally important to B2B sellers. Studies show 88% of consumers will only make purchases from salespeople they consider trustworthy, and the best way to earn trust among target prospects is to build rapport through personalized engagements at the start of every customer journey.

So, what can B2B sales teams do to develop an effective multi-channel approach to personalized selling? Find out in our benchmark report, “The AI Impact on B2B Sales.”

The AI Impact on B2B Sales: Key Takeaways

Through AI-assisted technology, personalized selling becomes that much more intelligent, and therefore effective, for B2B sales teams. By analyzing customer data, including location, demographics, engagement behavior, and past purchase history, sales teams can pinpoint the most relevant offers per individual prospect, build rapport, and facilitate swift conversion. In fact, research shows companies that use AI to personalize the customer journey actually improve sales and marketing efficiency, boost revenue, and create longer lasting customer relationships.

For a more in-depth look at AI and its supercharging effects on B2B sales, make sure to download a copy of our benchmark report today!