Discover how today’s sales professionals empower themselves as decision makers of their own B2B tech customer journey.

With so much digital information available at the ready, sales professionals have found it easy to initiate independent research across a variety of channels, all in an effort to pinpoint the best tech solutions to support their business.

As a result, the B2B tech sales journey has become less of a vendor-driven process and more of a digitally dominant, customer-led course bending to the needs and preferences of its buyers.

So, how exactly are today’s sales professionals empowering themselves as guides of their own customer journey? Find out in our benchmark report, “The New B2B Tech Buyer’s Journey: Sales.”

  • Discover how sales professionals leverage digital media to inform purchase decisions.
  • Learn types of content that resonate best with sales consumers.
  • Find out how sales professionals navigate each phase of the customer journey. 
  • See how B2B tech vendors can best support sales professionals in this newly evolved process.

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