Webinar: Sales vs. Marketing Battle Royale

The struggle is real…can sales and marketing truly work together?

Shed some light on the conversations that happen between sales and marketing and learn how to navigate the struggles that occur when two different departments vie for the same goals.

Marketing often boasts their ability to convert MQLs to SQLs and Sales feels as though they do all the legwork. When it comes to lead generation, there’s no greater battle.

In the ring will be four fantastic guests, each with deep background in sales or marketing.

  • Director of Content Marketing — Reg Herde
  • VP of Commercial Sales — Joseph Espinosa
  • Sr. Director of Marketing — Anna Eliot
  • VP of Sales Operations — Eric Choronzy

The match referee will be none other than DemandScience’s own CRO, Chris Rack.The four corners are set, and questions are heavy, so let’s get ready to duke it out. (Verbally, that is…)